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Abramov & Partners Law Firm is a lawyers' entity that managed to bring
together keen, experienced, strong lawyers able to deal with the most difficult
situations in various branches of law, using significant experience and
common judicial practice.
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Telephone: +7 (499) 940-08-45
Practice areas
Corporate issues
  • legal support of economic activities of organizations;
  • selection of the company registration type;
  • preparation and execution of constituent documents;
  • startup consultation
  • legal support of transactions;
  • legal analysis of contracts;
  • due diligence of contractors, legal entities and individuals;
  • protection of interest in law enforcement;
  • claim settlement;
  • participation in negotiations;
  • request for the necessary documents from a law firm;
  • preparation and conduct of cases in arbitration and courts of first instance;
  • enforcement proceedings.
Civil law
  • property and non-property disputes;
  • dissolution of marriage;
  • division of property;
  • housing disputes;
  • hereditary disputes and others.
Arbitration Law
  • filing out of statements of claim;
  • collecting of necessary documents;
  • sending documents to arbitration court;
  • representation of interests in court, if necessary, in the Ninth Arbitration Court of
  • Appeal and higher courts;
  • obtainment of judgments, writs of execution;
  • representation of interests in the Bailiffs' service (including disputes upon supply
  • agreements, construction contracts (construction disputes).
Real estate
  • construction contracts (construction disputes);
  • preparation and conduct of sales transactions;
  • reception of real estate in accordance with co-investment agreement;
  • registration, transfer of ownership;
  • real estate sales with minor owners;
  • maternity capital transactions;
  • cadastral issues.
  • corporate taxation;
  • international tax planing consultation;
  • taxation of transactions:
  • resolution of issues of double taxation of individuals and legal entities.
Criminal law
  • Consultation on criminal procedure and law;
  • Protection of principals in criminal proceedings at all stages of the preliminary
  • investigation and in court (all instances);
  • representation of victim's interests in all criminal cases;
  • representation of principal's interests at pre-investigation stages;
  • client's defense in criminal proceedings.
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